War Goddess


Kevin Stewart, Brian Boling

Hair & Makeup

Yaya Han


Yaya Han, Brian Boling

I'll start off by saying that this photoshoot took place in October 2008 and I did not release these photos until two years later because I wasn't sure if the public would understand what we were going for. Hence the watermark is still my old website lol.

The reason I did this photoshoot was not to scandalize (although I'm sure that is a by-product effect) but to pay tribute to the amazing art styles of Heavy Metal and High Fantasy in the 70's and 80's.

Good fantasy (art, book, film, etc.) and sensual feminine forms have always gone hand in hand. I absolutely adore the work of Luis Royo and have in the past saluted him with my Battle Angel images. This time I wanted to create a theme around the Greek Goddess of War, Enyo. Terrible yet beautiful, merciless yet mesmerizing.


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