New lingerie posters available for pre-order!

New lingerie posters available for pre-order!

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I recently got images back from an amazing Glamour/lingerie photoshoot with Jay Tablante Photography, which took place at his studio lot in Manila, Philippines, in 2012! 

The production quality of these lingerie photos is stunning and perfect for printing. So I have made them available for pre-order, as 11x17 signed posters! I actually just got the posters in, but am leaving for a week to Switzerland, so I'll sign any ordered posters when I return and they will ship on April 9th, and onward!

You can grab them as single posters...
Tip of the Hat
Agent Provocateur
Fuchsia Flirtation

...or get them in a 3-poster bundle, No Pants Glam! LOL

Makeup/Model: Yaya Han
Hair styling: Ara Fernando
Photography: Jay Tablante
Lingerie by Agent Provocateur

Not sure I will EVER take such professional looking glamour photos again, so I sincerely hope you'll like the poster options! 

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