McCall’s Patterns + Yaya Han = Cosplay patterns!

McCall’s Patterns + Yaya Han = Cosplay patterns!

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Today is an incredibly exciting day!!!
I feel incredibly lucky that on my birthday, I can finally reveal a long-awaited dream come true with all of you.

McCall's Patterns​ reached out to me last year to see if I would like to design some patterns for them. (Still reeling over this sentence, btw.) I had a meeting and lovely tour of their offices, and then got to work. My ideas were overflowing, but I knew exactly which patterns I wanted to design first... 

We're proud to present "Yaya Han's Ultimate Bodysuit Pattern" as the first finished collaboration between McCall's Patterns and me. 
It's a pattern we are sorely missing in the cosplay world - I know from having to alter and draft my own bodysuit patterns for many years. This patterns will make it easy for cosplayers (and everyone else) to tailor a bodysuit that will fit them like a glove, and use it as a base for thousands of costume ideas. 
The Ultimate Bodysuit patten is numbered M7217 and will be released as a McCall's costume pattern.

I made the bodysuit in the photos with M7217 and it was a breeze. I also used this patterns for the base bodysuit of my Aion Hyperion Gunslinger costume!

The second patterns McCall's and I finished is "Yaya's original Peacock costume"! I was so honored that they liked the costume enough to make a pattern out of it. The envelope for the Peacock will contain patterns and instructions for the bodice, skirt, skirt train/tail, bolero and hat!! This pattern can be used for a variety of costumes, wedding gowns, formal wear and more. The Peacock pattern is numbered M7218, and will also be released as a McCall's costume pattern. 

Of course I made the costume in the photos. 

Now, were can you get the patterns?? MCCallsPatterns will have a booth at C2E2​, April 24th - 26th, in Chicago! It's booth number 549, and you can buy both of these patterns there, alongside a large selection of sewing patterns! 
The Yaya Han cosplay patterns will be $20 each, HOWEVER, if you show them this post on your phone and tell them the discount code "YayaHanCosplayPatterns", you will receive each pattern for $10!! So save the photos, mark down the code word, and try out my new patterns!
(I sadly won't be at C2E2 this year, as I'm being forced to go on vacation in Japan. For realz! Forced! I wanted to be there for the patterns!)

For those not attending C2E2 either, both patterns will be available worldwide via McCall's global distribution channels, in July.

And now I can tell you that this collaboration makes me more happy than any other project I have been a part of, because I learned how to sew partially by reading McCall's patterns. I used them for my first, awful, costumes, 15 years ago!! To be able to work with them to create patterns now is an absolute dream come true. I have many more ideas of patterns we cosplayers need/should have, and I can't wait to share them with you!

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