LA Weekly Cosplay Feature Article

LA Weekly Cosplay Feature Article

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The awesome Liz Ohanesian came to visit me and my booth at Anime Expo 2012, and we sat down for an hour to talk about how I made cosplay into a business.

On Sunday afternoon at Anime Expo, I met Atlanta-based cosplayer Yaya Han at her booth inside the exhibit hall, surrounded by cat ears, unicorn horns and pegasus wings.

Han is part of a growing number of what she calls "cosplay entrepreneurs," people who have turned their hobbies into businesses. She sets up shop inside the exhibit hall of anywhere from 20 to 25 conventions a year, selling the cosplay accessories that she makes along with glossy photos of herself portraying a number of famed heroes and villains, calendars and T-shirts. There's almost always a crowd around Han's booth, more so when she's working it. On this day, as she tried to make her escape, she was stopped at least three times for photos. Han sweetly fulfilled all the requests. Read More

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